Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Give US Your Poor Concert - Celebrity and Homeless Artists

In November 2007, a number of artists that appear on the Give US Your Poor CD joined together for a concert to benefit Give US Your Poor and 10 homeless service organizations. Headlining the show were Natalie Merchant, Buffalo Tom, Mario Frangoulis, and Mighty Sam McClain. Other artists that appeared included Julia Tripp, Cheryl Middleton, Michael Sullivan, Chris Holzer, Montreville Blakely, Julia Dinsmore, and Nichole Cooper. The show was put on in partnership with the Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino, and sponsored by Ipswitch Co., Fannie Mae Foundation, and a number of co-sponsors. The show was proceeded by a photo exhibit of homeless portraits by photographer, Lynn Blodgett.


Monte said...

In all my life I have gleaned from music as a form of healing. In my childhood I have been through tough and trying times to an extreme sense of child abuse. I was abandoned at birth by my biological father that happened to be an older cousin of three siblings through my mom. I was named after my great uncle out of revenge. I was given alcohol/vodka at between 4 and 7 years of age and laughed at by my great uncle's friends and workers for falling on the floor. I ended up in an Orphanage near 8 and was sent to two foster homes before I was sent home to my mom and heroin addicted 2nd husband. I was beaten routinely by hand and bullwhipped, and than left for dead with my head split open lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood at age 11. I woke up from momentary unconsciousness and ran down the railroad tracks two beaches away where I knew the Police Dept.. I returned home and my mom told the officers I had tripped over a toy metal truck! My trust in people died that day along with my love for reading. I skipped 6th grade into the 7th grade and became withdrawn from the love of learning. At 12 of age I was placed back with my Great Uncle/guardian father who was abusive boxing my brother Steve and I around thinking we were spying on him for our mom. I ran away and went to court and won my brother to my foster parents. Both sons of the foster parents died from muscular dystrophy and I refused to be adopted as a replacement, I was punched to the ground for saying no! I ran away and ended up at another foster home where after awhile I was directed to join the Mason's Demolay, and I was again beat up for refusing-- I ran away and ended up in Juvenile Hall at 13. Before I turned 14 I was placed with my sister to become only removed after I was caught drinking. I was sent to the Oxford Home for Boys and then to The Lyle Home for Boys in Watts, L.A., Ca.. I had a gun up to my head while in town with another resident boy-- I ran to the street and he was beat up for money an ciggaretts. I then was placed i another foster home and another with my girlfriend at age 16. I joined the Army as a result of my girl fooling around twice with another guy age 22. My girl was 14. I was in S. Korea at age 17 as a Crew-Chief of Huey Helicopters Spec' Ops' 239th Aviation. On my return to the staes at 18 I was an Honorable Veteran after serving in the Post War 1970-71. Music followed me no matter where I went... I have always tried to become friends with people, but I hate being probed or stalked by people wanting to know my every move. I in turn will make them believe what they are looking for, as they are not really friends-- but rather fault finders. I save my self a lot of time by keeping self centered people away from me. Trust has to be earned through time to become my friend.

Monte said...

I am the Blues-guitarist in Natalie Merchant and Friends/ 2006-7 c/o . I am a father of Nine children and almost Five grandchildren in my life. I am glad to have helped out the homeless venue in my talents and story, and I am a no nonsense type to waste my time with star struck or high minded selfish types. I will continue my goodwill towards mankind as invited from occasion as presented me. I am studying for my B.A. in Social and Criminal Justice at Ashford University online. I will become a Conflict Resolution Attorney in my life-- to help at the table of life... and we are not rich, but we are heart felt. I am the exception to the rule in life with extreme hard knocks/// I make things happen through my soulful thoughts. Blessings to all