Monday, December 21, 2009

My Name Is Sam McClain

Hello Everybody,

My name is Sam McClain and I was born to a family of thirteen brothers and sisters (I’m, the fifth in line) in 1943 in Winnsboro, LA.

I am very humbled that I was asked to speak a little on this subject that has been with mankind since the beginning of time. The subject is HOMELESSNESS, but I think it is more than just homelessness. I think it is also about the whole person or family – the whole body, mind and spirit.

Before I get too deep into this, let me first say that I also believe that in some strange, painful and wonderful way, it all works together for Good. We must someday come to understand that we are all Human/Spiritual beings, made in the image of a Mighty, Mighty, Powerful and Loving God. He said two simple (well, it seems simple to me now :o) things. He said to love Him first, to love each other and everything else would be OK. If we just did these two, we would see a change in the world – like no other time in history. I believe that with all that I am or ever will be. I won’t preach, but just pause and think!!

As I am thinking on this I realize that there were thirteen children and that was the age I was (13) when I left that home. I had a step father whom I love (and still do) even though he was abusive. You see, I never knew my natural father and I was in need of a father so I picked him, but he didn’t, and couldn’t, know how to love me. I understand, looking back, that he did what he knew to do. Hi hit me a lot with his walking stick (he walked with a limp and used a cane) and plucked me in the head with his hammer if I wasn’t nailing right when I was working with him. He was a hard man, but the beautiful part of this story happened when I went to visit him before he died. That was a great moment for both of us. I could see in his eyes that he was glad to see me – I knew that he was seeing that in my eyes, too. I was no longer angry and I love this old man now more than then. :o) That’s why I love God.

Forgive me if I jump all over the place in my writing this. But, you know, my life has been quite painful from time to time and I still hurt from the pain and I’m sorry for what people go through today. I still have Great Hope. We have a Great God and we are a great people.

I found that when I was homeless, one of the most painful things was the way people treated me. One of the most uplifting things would be when someone would just speak to me.

Ladies, Gents, Boys and Girls, we have to learn how to love one another. We must help each other along he way, as we all know, we can’t depend on the government. So we must “Look in the mirror” and ask, “What can I do”?

Thank you and God Bless You,

Sam McClain

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