Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bill Janovitz and The House Where Nobody Lives

Bill Janovitz, singer/songwriter and member of rock and roll band, Buffalo Tom (with Chris Colbourn and Tom Maginnis), has a cool blog that's called Part Time Man of Rock. (He also has been a good friend to Give US Your Poor, and for my money has the second greatest rock and roll voice ever after John Lennon.) On his blog, Bill does an acoustic cover song each week of whatever is inspiring him.
I mention it here on the Give US Your Poor blog because I came across a great piece he wrote along with a related cover song touching on the notion of home. Bill is also a real estate broker in Massachusetts and in the business of helping people get a home that meets their economic and emotional needs.

Check out what Bill writes on the subject and then listen to his rendition of the Tom Waits song, “The House Where Nobody Lives.”

You can find it by linking to his blog ("Part Time Man of Rock") and then on the right, under “Links,” click on “Cover of the Week 37 – The House Where Nobody Lives.”  That will get you the blog entry, read it, love it, then at the bottom click on the sound file link, "House Where Nobody Lives Mp3," to hear the recording.

It’s a great read/listen on the power of home, and the idea that a house is not a home without love.

Thanks Bill!

Buffalo Tom performed at the Give US Your Poor Concert for Boston's Homeless in 2007 at the Strand Theatre. Click here to see a video of their performance.  They also appear on the Give US Your Poor compilation CD (Appleseed Recordings).

Photo by Susan Young.

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Michael John said...

hey bill i wrote and sang beckys tune on give us your poor . i have a benefit concert this friday feb. 11 2011 11 garden st come on down . go to buskersworld.com for ifo and tickets